Weekend retreats

Weekend retreats

Regular practice

These retreats are a practice opportunity outside the city, in a quiet environment that facilitates meditation and introspection. We take care of the finest detail so the participants have the most favorable conditions: we have access to wide open spaces for walking, a large practice room, single bedrooms with a private bathroom, and all meals ready on the table following a balanced diet. The weekend format makes the retreats accessible and at the same time intense and very useful.

Meditation retreats are led by Lama Yeshe Chödrön. Her vast experience is a guarantee of good guidance on the issues that arise with regard to practice and she offers the necessary support for moving forward along the path. Meditation retreats are an open door to inner silence, which is a prelude to peace, wisdom and compassion.

Led by: Lama Yeshe Chödrön
Weekend retreats

september, 2023

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