Yeshe Nyingpo Lleida

Yeshe Nyingpo Lleida

Over the years, a Sangha of practitioners who study and practice with the support of Lama Yeshe Chödrön has been created. It is a Sangha committed to the Dharma in general and to the Dudjom Tersar lineage in particular, composed by seasoned members with more than 20 years of experience in the lineage practices and others that have been joining over the years up to present. Yeshe Nyingpo Lleida is the name given by H.E. Dungse Namgay Dawa Rinpoche for a center in Lleida, which will be developed when favorable conditions occur.

Regular practices

You can contact the Sangha by sending a message to +34 677 96 48 93, and you will receive information about the practices led by Lama Yeshe Chödrön.


Introduction to classical Tibetan

Introduction course to classical Tibetan, the language used in Dharma texts (chö ke, ཆོས་སྐད་).

Contents: Tibetan alphabet, syllable structure, pronunciation, basic Dharma vocabulary, sentence structure, introduction to grammar and translation of simple Dharma texts. As it is an introductory course, there is not any prerequisite for this course.

Teacher: Laia Noguera

Contact / registration: 677964893,


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