“Dialogue, respect and tolerance”: round table by the Interreligious Dialogue Group in Lleida

On November 20th, 2019, Interreligious Dialogue Group in Lleida organized at Biblioteca Pública a round table on dialogue, respect and tolerance among people of different cultures and religious groups.

Xavier Melloni participated as a representative of Christian tradition, Taoufik Cheddadi as a representative of Muslim tradition and Anna Puigdellívol as a representative of Tibetan Buddhism.

Xavier Melloni suggested that we give a vote of confidence to others and see their words as seeds which can grow within ourselves. He also talked about the challenge of stop competing and start sharing. Taoufik Cheddadi emphasized that there are not so many differences between religions and spoke of the importance of knowing each other in order to build real tolerance.

Lopön Anna Puigdellívol exposed that dialogue, respect and tolerance are a way to peace and harmony. She talked about the importance of really listening to others, seeing them compassionately and without judgment, opening ourselves to them, casting aside our own beliefs and finding common ground. “No matter how different we are, how far away from others we can feel, the more ideological or cultural divergences may there seem to be. If we engage in real listening, we deeply respect each other and we truly tolerate us, we will enrich each other and coexist in harmony, and conflicts will serve as an opportunity and not as a reason to destroy us.”