Celebration of Saga Dawa with Coordinadora Catalana d’Entitats Budistes

On May 31st, Nyingma Tersar took part in a joint event organized by Coordinadora Catalana d’Entitats Budistes (CCEB), in order to commemorate the Saga Dawa (Vesak).

Due to the confinement situation, the meeting was held via Zoom. It was a pleasure to share this celebration with the other centers which are affiliated to CCEB.

We appreciate all actions which foster a vision of the Sangha that includes all Buddhist traditions, and strengthen mutual knowledge and ties between practitioners. It is important that the Buddhist community becomes more present and visible in our society, so it can further expand the benefit of Buddha’s teachings. In this respect, the work that CCEB is doing is essential.

To watch the recording of this event, please click here.