84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha is a global non-profit initiative to translate all of the Buddha’s words into modern languages, and to make them available to everyone.

Since the beginning of the pandemic situation, this group has been asked for inspirational content to help the community get through this challenging time. In response to this need, a new project has been created. It is called “Sutras for Wellbeing” and it brings together the translation and publication of short sūtras that are traditionally recited for resilience and wellbeing during times of personal or collective illness, bereavement, and other difficulties. This series also shares the stories behind these beautiful texts and the mantras within them that have traditionally focused minds in times of uncertainty.

As an example of this precious work, we share the recitation of “On Entering the City of Vaiśālī” by Kyabje Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche. This text explains how the Buddha instructed Ānanda to stand at the gate of the city of Vaiśālī, which was ravaged by a terrible epidemic, and recite a proclamation, a long mantra, and some verses that powerfully evoke spiritual wellbeing. Ānanda did so, and the epidemic came to an end.

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